Saturday, February 21, 2015

The 20 Most Promising SAS Solutions Providers

SAS Programming Professionals,

Without peeking, what do you think are the top best selling magazines in the United States?

Well, as of this writing, the top ten best selling magazines in the US are:

  1. AARP The Magazine - 22,528,478 copies per issue
  2. The Costco Connection – 8,631,275 copies per issue
  3. Game Informer – 8,169,524 copies per issue
  4. Better Homes and Gardens – 7,617,038 copies per issue
  5. Reader’s Digest – 5,577,717 copies per issue
  6. Good Housekeeping – 4,346,757 copies per issue
  7. National Geographic – 4,232,205 copies per issue
  8. Family Circle – 4,100,977 copies per issue
  9. People – 3,563,035 copies per issue
  10. Woman’s Day – 3,449,692 copies per issue
Probably no surprises there... unless, of course, your own favorite magazine did not make the top 10 list.

I would bet that among SAS programming professionals, the top magazine to read is going to be the current issue of CIO Review Magazine, which  spotlights the 20 Most Promising SAS Solutions Providers:

That issue is packed with interesting descriptions of how a diverse group of organizations are harnessing the vast power of SAS to provide solutions to real-world business problems for both internal and external clients. So, what could be a more compelling read to a SAS programming professional such as yourself?  No magazine that I can think of!

I am happy to report that my own organization is listed among the 20 Most Promising SAS Solutions Providers.  You can find our profile on Page 45 in the above link, or skip directly to it with this link:

You can get a lot of good ideas as to how you might extend your own utilization of SAS and SAS's capabilities by reading this issue of CIO Review magazine.  And, unlike some of the other magazines in the US top ten, you can get the latest copy of this magazine with the click of a mouse!

Best of luck in all your SAS endeavors!

(aka Michael A. Raithel)