Monday, March 28, 2016

Hack 2.13 Using the ATTRIB Statement to Specify Multiple Attributes

SAS Programming Professionals,

Did you know that you can specify the length, format, informat, and label for a variable all in the same statement?

The aptly named ATTRIB statement lets you specify the aforementioned attributes of a variable in a single statement, obviating the need for separate LENGTH, FORMAT, INFORMAT, and LABEL statements.  Here is an example:

data birthfile;
attrib birthdate length=6  label = "Birth Date" format=worddate.                  informat=mmddyy.;
attrib firstname length=$7 label = "First Name";
attrib lastname  length=$7 label = "Last Name";

input birthdate firstname lastname;

042775 Michael Raithel

proc print label noobs;

In the example, we use the ATTRIB statement to specify LENGTH, FORMAT, INFORMAT, and LABEL for BIRTHDATE.  We don’t really need a FORMAT or INFORMAT for FIRSTNAME and LASTNAME, so we only specify the LENGTH and LABEL on the second two ATTRIB statements.  The resulting PROC PRINT looks like this:

                         First      Last
        Birth Date       Name       Name
       April 27, 1975    Michael    Raithel

Using an ATTRIB statement is a good alternative to using multiple LENGTH, FORMAT, INFORMAT, and LABEL statements because it specifies all of the attributes of a variable in one spot.  Good documentation!  See if it makes sense in your own SAS programs.

Best of luck in all of your SAS endeavors!

(aka Michael A. Raithel)

Excerpt from the book:  Did You Know That?  Essential Hacks for Clever SAS Programmers

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